Venue Information



[General Reception]

The General Reception will be set up at the "Academic Core" at the 1st floor of the Library.

[Meeting Headquarters]

The headquarters will be set up at the "Academic Core" at the 1st floor of the Library.
For any troubles occurred in the venue, please call the headquarters directly.
Phone number: 090-4066-6257 ; 080-2055-2609

[Injury and Illness Occurrence]

Please be sure to inform the meeting headquarters. This support is provided in cooperation with the Health Management Center (8:30-17:15) located at the campus.
For nearby medical institutions, please refer to the "Venue Information" of the meeting executive committee homepage.

[Smoking Area]

The campus is entirely non-smoking and there are no smoking areas. We appreciate for your cooperation.

[Cafeteria/Shop, Kiosk]

Cafeteria and Kiosks open during the event meeting at the campus are as follows.

[Baggage Deposit/Claim Counter]

Baggage Deposit Counter will be provided during the meeting period. Please keep baggage properly packed with a carry bag or suitcase.
Baggage Deposit Counter: Academic Core (adjoining general reception desk)
Baggage deposit/keeping date: 4 days from the first day to the last day (from the opening of the general reception until the end of the last day session)
 1st day 8:30-20:00
 2nd day 8:30-20:00
 3rd day 8:30-20:00
 Last day 8:30-16:00
Fee: 300 yen per one luggage
Note: Valuables cannot be deposited.

[Internet Access]

A wireless LAN connection has been prepared. For available locations please refer to,
If you have an eduroam account, you can connect to the wireless LAN without doing the access procedures at the meeting venue.
Those who don't have an eduroam account, an account for visitor will be distributed at the general reception.

[Postal Mail / Courier Service]

Courier service is located at the 2nd floor of the University Hall. There is also a postal box near the Gifu University Bus Stop.


On the 1st floor of the University Hall there are ATMs of Juroku Bank, Gifu Shinkin Bank (business hours from 8:00-18:00 (weekdays, Saturday)), Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Japan Post Bank (business hours from 9:00-17:00 (weekdays)). There is also an ATM at a convenience store (Ministop) near the Gifu University Bus Stop.

[Photocopy Machine]

There is a photocopier machine which can be used with cash on the 2nd floor of the University Hall Co-op and in the convenience store (Ministop) near the Gifu University Bus Stop.

[Public Telephone]

There are public phones next to the convenience store (Ministop) near the Gifu University Bus Stop and on the east side of the library. Please refer to the "Venue Information".

[Parking Area]

Coming by car are not allowed. There are also no parking spaces around the university. Those who wish to park for special reasons, such as for handicapped, please inform the meeting headquarters in advance.


Wheelchair access are available at the lecture hall.
If you need guidance or assistance, please contact the Headquarters at (090-4066-6257 ; 080-2055-2609).
For barrier-free facilities, please refer to

[Nursery Room]

A temporary nursery room will be open during the meeting period. Please visit the website if you wish to use the nursery services.


During the meeting, exhibitions of companies and other organizations will be held at the exhibition hall.


The use of classrooms other than the venue, use of venues off hours other than informal meeting in the venue and inside the university campus is not permitted and is prohibited. Also, please refrain from meetings with food and drinks at university campus. However, you can ask permission in advance for informal meeting lunches.

[Civic Scientific Lecture]

Civic Scientific Lecture will be held on Sunday, September 15th at Juroku Plaza from 14:00.
This lecture is for the general public, including junior and high school students and their teachers, however, please note that prior application is required for participation.

[Luncheon Seminar]

Luncheon seminars by companies and organizations will be held at lunchtime around 12: 30-13: 30 during the event meeting period. For luncheon seminar participants, lunch will be distributed free of charge at the venue. For details of the luncheon seminar and application method, please visit the meeting website.

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