For participants

  1. Presentation time and discussion time
    1. Original work presentation (Oral presentation): Presentation time is 15 minutes in total uniformly, 10 minutes presentation and five minutes discussion.
    2. Symposium, Invited, Organized and Tutorial presentation: Presentation time (including 5 to 10 min. discussion) are indicated after the presentation title in the program.
    3. Poster Session (Poster presentation): 240 minutes for exhibition including 120 minutes for presentation
  2. Divisions of poster sessions (PS)
    1. Divisions of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  3. About the notation of the program
    1. As for the presentation to be carried out in English, a mark is added to the left shoulder of the program number.
    2. The presenter's name appears at first of the co-presenters in the program. If the presenter will appear after the second place or latter, mark is added to the left upper part of the presenter.
  4. Additional presentations
    1. The presentation titles and presenters of the Divisions which allow additional presentations will be posted at the message board of General Reception area and at each presentation room.
  5. About a notice board
    1. A notice board is placed in the General Reception area for informing cancellation of presentation, a message, the lost article, etc. (all handbill notice). Please take a look at the notice board. For details, please make inquiry to the secretariat of the headquarters.
  6. About the photography of contents of presentation
    1. About photography, animation photography, voice recording of presentation contents are prohibited in principle. Please ask permission from the presenter and chairperson beforehand when needed.
  7. About "Cancellation of presentation"
    1. After the program "Cancellation (the presentation time will be moved up hereafter) ," the subsequent presentation time will be moved up in each first-half and latter-half session.
    2. The time will not be moved forward as to the presentation which is included in the program and became "Cancellation" on-site. In addition, the cancellation of presentation will be informed on the notice board in the General Reception area and at the session room.
  8. About posters and the leaflets unrelated to the meeting
    1. Posters and leaflets unrelated to the meeting will be placed in designated area (A corner for "Take it freely") only near the General Reception. Please contact the secretariat beforehand for details. In addition, the secretariat will discard the residue of posters, etc. in principle after the closing of the General Reception desk of the last day. Attention: The distribution of posters or leaflets must not be accepted other than the above area.
    2. Such as unmanned sale will not be accepted in principle, however, please make a contact with the secretariat beforehand. In addition, if the secretariat admitted, the service hours are limited within the open hours of the General Reception, and the person in charge must manage proceeds every day.
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