Venue Information

Nagoya University


[General Reception]

The General Reception will be set up in the entrance hall of the 1st floor of National Innovation Complex (NIC).


The annual meeting headquarters will be set up at the third floor of the ES General Building.
For any troubles occurred in the venue, please call directly to the headquarters.
Phone number: 080-1014-3465 ; 090-5217-4688

[Injury or illness Occurrence]

Please be sure to inform the Headquarters.
(We will serve you at the General Reception and we are also accepting calls.)
For nearby medical institutions, see "Venue Guide" on the Annual Meeting of the The Physical Society of Japan homepage.

[Smoking Area]

The campus is non-smoking except for designated smoking areas. We appreciate for your cooperation.

[Cafeteria/Restaurant and Shop]

Cafeteria and Kiosks open during the event meeting at the campus are as follows.

[Baggage Deposit/Claim Counter]

Baggage Deposit Counter will be provided during the meeting period. Please deposit a carry bag or suitcase (things packed properly).
Baggage deposit counter: 1st floor NIC entrance (attached to General Reception)
Baggage deposit/keeping date and time: 4 days from the first day to the last day (from the opening of the general reception desk until the end of the last day session)
 1st day 8:30-20:00
 2nd day 8:30-20:00
 3rd day 12:00-20:00
 Last day 8:30-16:00
Fee: 300 yen per one luggage
Note: Valuables cannot be deposited.

[Internet Access]

Connection by eduroam is recommended. Please obtain an eduroam account in advance as much as possible. To obtain an eduroam account, please contact the person in charge of your institution.
For those who do not have an eduroam account, a guest ID of Nagoya University Wireless Internet (NUWNET) will be distributed at the general reception.

[Post Office / Home Delivery Service]

Home Delivery Service is only accepted when brought to the University CO-OP shops. Shops where you can use the service are the 1st floor of the Public Welfare Hall North (Northern Purchasing and Accounting 9), the 2nd floor of the Public Welfare Hall South (CO-OP Plaza South) and the Forest (Books Fronte). There is also a Post Office in Nagoya University campus.


There is an E-NET ATM at the FamilyMart on the 1st floor of the Welfare Hall North (Northern Purchasing), on the east side of the Educational Main Building, and at the FamilyMart on the west side of Nagoya Daigaku station. There is an ATM of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in the IB Electronic Information Center. There is an ATM of Japan Post Bank in the Post Office of Nagoya University and an ATM corner of Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ next to the Post Office of Nagoya University.

[Printing / Photocopy Machine]

There is a paid printing and photocopy corner on the 1st floor of the Welfare Hall North (Northern Purchasing). There is also a paid photocopy corner on the 1st floor of the Southern Purchasing.

[Public Telephone]

Public telephone is located near the southwest entrance of the Public Welfare Hall North (Northern Purchasing), at the southern entrance of the Law and Economics Main Building, near the 3rd exit and ticket gate of Nagoya Daigaku station. Please refer to the Venue guide.

[Car Parking Space]

Coming by car are not allowed. Those who wish to park for handicapped people, please contact the Headquarters in advance.


Although it is possible to come to the lecture hall by wheelchair, there are some venues where it is difficult to see the flow line in a wheelchair. If you need assistance or guidance, please contact the Headquarters ( (080-1014-3465 ; 090-5217-4688)).
For barrier-free map, please refer to (

[Nursery Room]

A temporary nursery room will be open during the meeting period. Please visit the website, if you wish to use the nursery services.

[Junior Session]

The Presentation of the physics study by junior and senior high school students will be held at Toyoda Auditorium on March 17th (Tue.). Members are also welcome to come to the venue.

[Equipments / Books / Career Path Exhibition]

During the meeting, company exhibitions will be held at Company Exhibition Hall.

[Civic Scientific Lecture]

Civic Scientific Lecture will be held on March 20th (Fri.) at Toyoda Auditorium.


Unauthorized use of rooms other than the designated venues, use of rooms other than informal meetings inside the campus at off hours without the university premises is prohibited.

[Luncheon Seminar]

Luncheon seminars by companies and organizations will be held at noon during the meeting (around 12:30 to 13:30). Luncheon seminar participants will receive a free lunch at the venue on the day. For details of the seminar and how to apply, please visit the event website.

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