For presenters

  1. Presentation time
    1. Oral presentation
      15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers)
    2. Poster session (PS)
      240 minutes for exhibition including 120 minutes for presentation
  2. Presentation time and signal to presenter
    1. Oral presentation Signal
      Signal to presenter Buzzer
      Start time  
      In two-thirds progress 3 buzzers
      At the end of presentation 5 buzzers
      At the end of presentation time Consecutive buzzers
    2. Poster session
      display time
      Preparation: Please start the preparation at the time of exhibition starting time.
      At the time of presentation: Bell rings for 30 seconds.
      At the end of presentation: Bell rings for one minute.
      Removal: Please remove posters before the end of exhibition hours.
  3. LCD projector
    1. LCD projector will be set up in all session rooms (excluding PS session room). Please bring your PC. Please connect your PC to LCD projector by yourself. Connection and projection test must be done during the break time, to prevent a session from being late.
    2. The secretariat will prepare the standard connector mini D-sub15 pin.
      * Please prepare backup measures by all means for the projection error due to the compatibility of the PC and LCD projector, etc. The Society or steering committee cannot take responsibility for that kind of problem.
  4. For poster presenters
    1. The secretariat will prepare 2 poster panels (180cm (H) × 90cm (W) ) per one presentation (see image below).
    2. The program number will be posted on top-left. Please mount posters with your program number (please refer to the program number notice).
    3. Please display posters stretching to poster panel for originality. Please put the paper indicating paper title, presenter's name and organization on the upper poster panel. In addition, please be careful not to block up the program number of the top-left.
    4. Posters should be posted onto the panel using safety pins.
      The presenters are expected to provide thumtacks by themselves.
      Top view of poster display boards
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