Kanazawa University, Kakuma Campus

Date: September 13 (Tue.) - 16 (Fri.), 2016
Venue: Kanazawa University, Kakuma Campus
(Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa-shi)
(Temporary phone number of headquarters during the Autumn Meeting, Note: The phone number is available during Autumn Meeting only.)
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Division 1: Atomic and Molecular Physics, Quantum Electronics, Radiation
Division 2: Plasma
Division 3: Magnetism
Division 4: Semiconductors, Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Transport
Division 5: Optical properties of Condensed Matter
Division 6: Metal Physics [Liquid Metals, Quasicrystals], Low Temperature Physics [Ultralow Temperatures, Superconductivity, Density Waves
Division 7: Molecular Solids
Division 8: Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Division 9: Surfaces & Interfaces, Crystal Growth
Division 10: Dielectrics, Ferroelectricity, Lattice Defects and Nanostructures, Phononic Properties, and X-ray and Particle Beams
Division 11: Fundamental Theory of Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Applied Mathematics, Socio- and Econophysics
Division 12: Soft Matter Physics, Chemical Physics, Biophysics
Division 13: Physics Education, History of Physics, Environmental Physics

 Participants are requested to make participation procedures at the general reception desk. (except for participants who have registered in advance)
There are two on-site registration payment procedures (online credit card payment by the web site and by a cash payment).

 After registration, please receive a name card (for non-member, please receive a program book as well). Please write your name on the name card and wear it during the meeting period.
The name card can be reissued by paying an amount of 300 yen when you forgot to bring it.

* Registration payment methods and registration fee are as follows.
- Online credit card payment by web site (Discount rate is available.)
   Please come to the general reception desk after completing the credit card
 payment from the URL below.
   URL : http://www.toyoag.co.jp/jps/index.html
   (Regular and Supporting member: JPY6,500, Student an Senior member:
   JPY3,750)  (Tax-exempted)
   (General: JPY7,500, Student: JPY5,000)
- Payment by cash
   (Regular and Supporting member: JPY7,000, Student an Senior member:
   JPY4,000)  (Tax-exempted)
   (General: JPY8,000, Student: JPY6,000)
  * Registration desk: General Reception Area (at headquarter: after 13:00 of the last day of meeting period)
  * Service hours: 8:30 - 16:00 (Sep. 13 - 16)
Note: Registration by online credit card payment is available by 12:00 noon of the last day of meeting period.
* Request:
Please use online credit card payment system from the above Web site to make
payment for registration. In addition, please pay the exact amount in the case of cash payment.
* Note:
If you are a member of the society, please bring a program (special issue) published with
"BUTSURI" August Edition.The program book will not be distributed at the
time of registration for the member.
If a member need a program, it will be distributed at an amount of 500 yen (per copy).
In addition, please understand that you can not buy a program because
the number of copies is limited.

Price of Abstracts
(Web access key and DVD recording)

Abstracts of Theory of elementary particle division, Experiment particle physics division, Experiment nuclear physics division, Theoretical nuclear physics division, Cosmic rays and cosmic physics division, Divisions 1 to 13 are published in the Abstracts or DVD recording.

Note: Please purchase the following Web access key or DVD recording to browse abstracts. The browsing period of Web access key is for one year from September 1 (Thu.), 2016.

- Online credit card payment by web site (Discount rate is available.)
  Please come to the general reception desk after completing the credit card payment from the URL below.
  Purchase of Web access key only: JPY1,250
Purchase of Web access key and DVD recording: JPY1,750
Purchase of DVD recording only: JPY1,250
- Payment by cash on-site
  Please pay the exact amount.
Purchase of Web access key only: JPY1,500
Purchase of Web access key and DVD recording: JPY2,000
Purchase of DVD recording only: JPY1,500

For participants

1) Presentation time and discussion time
a. Original work presentation (Oral presentation): Presentation time is 15 minutes in total uniformly, 10 minutes presentation and five minutes discussion.
b. Symposium, Invited, Organized and Tutorial presentation: Presentation time (including 5 to 10 min. discussion) are indicated after the presentation title in the program.
c. Poster Session (Poster presentation): 240 minutes for exhibition including 120 minutes for presentation
2) Divisions of poster sessions (PS)
  Divisions of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
3) About the notation of the program
a. As for the presentation to be carried out in English, a mark is added to the left shoulder of the program number.
b. The presenter's name appears at first of the co-presenters in the program. If the presenter will appear after the second place or latter, mark is added to the left upper part of the presenter.
4) Additional presentations
  The presentation titles and presenters of the Divisions which allow additional presentations will be posted at the message board of General Reception area and at each presentation room.
5) About a notice board
  A notice board is placed in the General Reception area for informing cancellation of presentation, a message, the lost article, etc. (all handbill notice).
Please take a look at the notice board. For details, please make inquiry to the secretariat of the headquarters.
6) About the photography of contents of presentation
  About photography, animation photography, voice recording of presentation contents are prohibited in principle. Please ask permission from the presenter and chairperson beforehand when needed.
7) About "Cancellation of presentation"
a. After the program "Cancellation (the presentation time will be moved up hereafter) ," the subsequent presentation time will be moved up in each first-half and latter-half session.
b. The time will not be moved forward as to the presentation which is included in the program and became "Cancellation" on-site.
In addition, the cancellation of presentation will be informed on the notice board in the General Reception area and at the session room.
8) About posters and the leaflets unrelated to the meeting
a. Posters and leaflets unrelated to the meeting will be placed in designated area (A corner for "Take it freely") only near the General Reception. Please contact the secretariat beforehand for details.
In addition, the secretariat will discard the residue of posters, etc. in principle after the closing of the General Reception desk of the last day.
Attention: The distribution of posters or leaflets must not be accepted other than the above area.
b. Such as unmanned sale will not be accepted in principle, however, please make a contact with the secretariat beforehand. In addition, if the secretariat admitted, the service hours are limited within the open hours of the General Reception, and the person in charge must manage proceeds every day.

For presenters

1) Presentation time
1) Oral presentation
15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers)
2) Poster session (PS)
240 minutes for exhibition including 120 minutes for presentation
2) Presentation time and signal to presenter
1) Oral presentation
Signal to presenter Buzzer
Start time  
In two-thirds progress 3 buzzers
At the end of presentation 5 buzzers
At the end of presentation time Consecutive buzzers
Preparation: Please start the preparation at the time of exhibition starting time.
At the time of presentation: Bell rings for 30 seconds.
At the end of presentation: Bell rings for one minute.
Removal: Please remove posters before the end of exhibition hours.
3. LCD projector
a. LCD projector will be set up in all session rooms (excluding PS session room). Please bring your PC.
Please connect your PC to LCD projector by yourself. Connection and projection test must be done during the break time, to prevent a session from being late.
b. The secretariat will prepare the standard connector mini D-sub15 pin.
* Please prepare backup measures by all means for the projection error due to the compatibility of the PC and LCD projector, etc. The Society or steering committee cannot take responsibility for that kind of problem.
4. For poster presenters
a. The secretariat will prepare 2 poster panels (180cm (H) × 90cm (W) ) per one presentation (see image below).
b. The program number will be posted on top-left. Please mount posters with your program number (please refer to the program number notice).
c. Please display posters stretching to poster panel for originality. Please put the paper indicating paper title, presenter's name and organization on the upper poster panel. In addition, please be careful not to block up the program number of the top-left.
d. Posters should be posted onto the panel using safety pins.  The presenters are expected to provide thumtacks by themselves.


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