A T/R Switch Embedded BLE Transceiver with 2.6mW Harmonic-Suppressed Transmitter and 2.3mW Hybrid-Loop Receiver
○Zheng Sun,Hanli Liu,Dexian Tang,Hongye Huang,金子 徹,Rui Wu,Wei Deng,染谷 晃基,白根 篤史,岡田 健一(東京工業大学)
This paper presents a miniaturized Bluetooth Low-Energy transceiver for IoT applications in 65-nm CMOS. A T/R switch embedded with transmitter harmonic suppression and on-chip impedance matching is proposed. A -94dBm receiver sensitivity is achieved with 2.3mW receiver power consumption. –56dBc of 2nd-order harmonic distortion and –48dBc of 3rd-order harmonic distortion suppressions are achieved with an 18.5% TX maximum efficiency. This transceiver satisfies the BLE radio specification without the need for external filters, that enables minimum size modules and a short time to market.