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·In case you are the speaker of some talk(s), please indicate ALL the Paper number(s) to be presented. For ISCS papers, please input the Paper Number issued by PaperCept during paper submission in "Submission Number" below.
·If there are more than 5 papers to be presented, please indicate the additional Paper Number(s) in the "Correspondence" column. In this case, since the total amount of payment cannot be calculated automatically, please add the additional amount to be charge.
·For the category of Corporate Poster, the Registration fee of 2 persons is included in the Corporation Poster publication fee (JPY 50,000). If the name(s) of the participant(s) has already been determined, please indicate the name in the "Correspondence" column. If one or two of the participants have not been determined, please indicate so in the "Correspondence" column.
·The amount displayed in the Registration system is for advanced/early registration (Credit Card Payment). For the registration fee of on-site/on the day registration, please click here
·【ISCS Presenter only】In case you wish your paper to be screened/judged for SICE Control Division Young Author's Award, the Speaker must be below 27 years old at the time of presentation. In this case, please check "Wish to be screened/judged for SICE Control Division Young Author's Award". However, note that the winner/awardee must be a member of the SICE.
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·In the case where only one person will participate for Corporate Poster category, please select General.
·In case you select "Corporate Poster for 2 persons" and you wish to split the receipt/invoice, please indicate so in the "Correspondence" column.
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