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  Volume Title Price
Vol.1 Plenary, Resource Geology and Exploration, Mining, Mineral Processing JPY12,960
Vol.2-1 & Vol.2-2 Pyrometallurgy PY1〜PY12, PY13〜PY24 JPY21,600
Vol.3 Hydrometallurgy JPY12,960
Vol.4 Electrowinning and Electrorefining JPY12,960
Vol.5 Process Control and Optimization, Downstream Applications and New Products JPY12,960
Vol.6 Recycling and Waste Management, Environmental Control, Safety and Hygiene Economics, Markets and History JPY12,960
Vol.1 - Vol.6. All JPY86,400

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One volume: outside of Japan = JPY7,000, in Japan = JPY1,500
Two to six volumes: outside of Japan = JPY10,000, in Japan = JPY3,000