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Title and Abstract
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Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
Has the speaker received funding* or property** (tangible or intangible benefit or convenience in research) from a profit-oriented organization (such as a business enterprise or investor)?
*Public research funds and donations that do not designate purpose of use do not apply.
**Contribution of pharmaceutical products and physical measurements constitute convenience in research.
If the answer to [Q1] is Yes, please briefly describe the relationship between the speaker and the profit-oriented organization.
1. The research is (a joint research project) funded by Company XX.
2. The speaker is the owner (shareholder***) of the company.
3. The research project has received XX measurement from Company XX.
4. The research project has received a donation of material XX from Company XX.
[Q2] If the answer to [Q1] is Yes, please describe here
***Stock ownership of roughly 5% of total shares is the benchmark.
Ethics for medical research involving human subjects or animal experiments
[Human subjects]*

[Animal experiments]*