If you receive an email or call from a company claiming that they will help your registration for SETC2022, it is a SCAM.
Do not send your credit card details under any circumstances. The Organizing Committee has nothing to do with those companies.

Information of the border measures in Japan:
ERFS is not required anymore for short business trip or sightseeing (3months).
VISA waiver program is resumed for the countries or regions listed on the following link below.


To register, please click on New Registration.


Advanced Online Registration 17:00, Sep. 16 (Fri)  10:00, Sep. 26 (Mon) EXTENDED  [JST = UTC+9]
Online Registration 17:00, Oct. 14 (Fri)   [JST = UTC+9]
Optional Tour & Banquet 17:00, Oct. 14 (Fri)  [JST = UTC+9]

Category Advanced Online
Registration 1)
Registration 2)
On-Site Optional
[JST = UTC+9]
[JST = UTC+9]
[JST = UTC+9]
〜17:00,Oct.14 (Fri)
[JST = UTC+9]
Presenting Author and Session Chair/Co-chair 3) JPY 49,500 JPY 2,500 JPY 6,050
JSAE/SAE Member 4) JPY 55,000 JPY 66,000 JPY 66,000
Student 5) JPY 3,300 JPY 4,400 JPY 4,400
Accompanying Person 6) JPY 6,600 JPY 6,600 JPY 6,600
Other than Those Above JPY 66,000 JPY 77,000 JPY 77,000


* Tax Included. (10%)

* JPY = Japanese Yen.

* The registration site will be temporally closed due to the system maintenance when the Advanced Online Registration period ends.

  • 1) Registration fee payment must be made with advanced registration.
  • 2) Online registration will close on Friday, October 14, 17:00 [JST = UTC+9].
  • 3) Presenting authors including ones for New Products Technology Session and session chairs/co-chairs are required to register and make payment by Friday, September 16, 17:00 Monday, September 26, 10:00 [JST = UTC+9]. Please contact the Conference Secretariat if it is difficult to do so. Otherwise, your paper will be deemed as withdrawn and thus will not appear in the proceedings.
  • 4) JSAE corporate membership is inapplicable but an individual membership only.
  • 5) Student includes a student presenting author who may be requested to show an ID on site.
    *To qualify for Student Registration rate, you must be a full-time student during the conference (October 31– November 3, 2022). Students are required to submit a copy of a valid student ID (student card of official admission letter) including the expiry date onto the registration system (acceptable file type: pdf, jpeg & jpg up to 5MB(Less than 3MB is recommended.) upon registration to qualify for “Student” rate, and to present the student ID at the reception desk onsite.
  • 6) Accompanying person is a family member of other category’s participant except “Student,” and is limited for one person only.

Entitlements of Registration Fee

  • ・Admission to the Opening, Awards & Closing Ceremony
  • ・Admission to Keynote Addresses and Plenary Session
  • ・Admission to Technical Sessions, New Product Technology Sessions and Keyword to Download the Proceedings
  • ・Admission to the Exhibition & Poster Session
  • ・Admission to Networking Breaks
  • [Note] Neither an accompanying person nor an exhibitor is entitled for technical sessions and proceedings.

Lunch JPY 550 each (Tax included)

Since food loss should be avoided from the viewpoint of SDGs, the committee has decided to ask attendees, if preferred, to buy lunch in advance on the registration with expectation of less or no discard of prepared foods. A Bento and packed green tea will be provided on site every day during the conference. Please be sure you will get rather an authentic Bento which is valued double the price and made by a local food company with a good reputation.

Pay Events

Banquet JPY 6,050 (Tax included)

Date: Wednesday, November 2
Time: 19:00 - 21:30
Place: Hotel Nikko Himeji
Transportation: Shuttle bus (one way from Arcrea Himeji to Hotel Nikko Himeji) or 15 min walk.

[Note] Please apply for the banquet in online registration. On-site application is not acceptable unless there is any cancellation.
*Please note that this is not guaranteed depending on the situation of COVID-19.

Optional Tour JPY 2,500 (Tax included)

Date: Thursday, November 3
Time: 13:00 - 17:30

[Note] Please apply for the optional tour in online registration. On-site application is not acceptable.The fee does not include lunch.
Minimum Participants Required: 25 persons

*In case the number of applicants does not reach the minimum participants required, the optional tour will not be operated. In this case, notification will be sent to you by e-mail before October 18.
* Please note that number of the seats for the optional tour is limited and the application for the optional tour may be closed before the deadline (17:00, Oct. 14 (Fri) [JST = UTC+9]).
*Please note that this is not guaranteed depending on the situation of COVID-19.

* === : by bus

Optional Tour : 13:00 – 17:30 on Thursday, November 3, 2022
Itinerary: 13:00 Departure from Arcrea HIMEJI === HIMEJI CASTLE === NADAGIKU BREWERY === 17:30 Arrival at Himeji Station.
Date: Thursday, November 3
Time: 13:00 - 17:30
Transfers: By motor coach
Optional Tour fee: JPY 2,500
Minimum number of participants: 25
Maximum number of participants: 45
Inclusion: Admission fees to HIMEJI CASTLE and NADAGIKU BREWERY, Transportation by motor coach from the start point to the end point.
Exclusion: Lunch, medical expenses for injuries and illness, travel and accommodation costs to the start point or from the end point of the itinerary, travel Insurance.


* Tax included.

* Please apply for the optional tour in online registration. On-site application is not acceptable.

* Lunch is not included.

* Itinerary may be subject to change due to weather and road conditions or any other conditions of an operational nature.

* Optional fee will be refunded if it is cancelled.

* The tour will take place rain or shine.

* Please note that there will be a 2 hour guided tour in the Himeji Castle including stairs going up and down. At some points, you will be required to take off your shoes.


Please refer to the hotel information in Himeji from the below link.
*Please change the language from “Language” on the menu bar.

Visa Application

Document request for VISA application has been closed.

ERFS is not required anymore for short business trip or sightseeing (3months).
VISA waiver program is resumed for the countries or regions listed on the following link below.

Login method to the Online Conference Platform

Kindly login to registration’s My Page to access the Zoom Meeting Room and download the proceedings. Please note that the “ZOOM” will be accessible only during the conference period. On-demand videos will be available by the end of November.
*Kindly note that registration and abstract submission are operated under different system management.
Please keep a note of the ID and password for both systems.

Payment Method

Online Registration

  • * All Payment must be made in Japanese Yen (JPY).
  • * Neither checks nor cash are accepted.
  • * Registration will be completed only with full payment.
  • * Registration fee payment must be received prior to the deadline date in order to remain at the current registration rate.

 Credit Card by Online

VISA master amex diners jcb

(VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, or JCB only.)

 Please use a credit card that is valid at least until December 2022.

 The payee will be listed as “Kinki Nippon Tourist Corporate Business Co., Ltd.” in your credit card statement.
However, the name might be slightly changed depending on the card company.
 Credit card transactions might be recorded on your credit card statement about two to three months later due to system matter.

 Bank Wire Transfer

Only for those who will register in Japan if preferred.
Kindly note that we do not accept international bank wire transfer.
We only accept domestic bank wire transfer within Japan.

 支店名:すずらん⽀店 (760)
 口座種類:(当座) 7300677
 ⼝座名義:カ)キンキニッポンツーリストコーポレートビジネス (株式会社近畿⽇本ツーリストコーポレートビジネス)

 * 振り込み⼿数料はご負担くださいますようお願い致します。
 * 銀⾏振込の送⾦者名に「登録番号」を含めてください。
 * まとめて銀⾏振込をする場合は、申込者名と登録番号をメールでお知らせください。

On-site Registration

All Payment must be made in Japanese Yen (JPY) with:
Credit Card: VISA / MasterCard / American Express / JCB are acceptable.
Neither checks nor cash are accepted.

Issuance of Invoice

 If you need an invoice for the approval of payment, kindly send an email to SETC2022 Registration Desk.

 Kindly proceed with registration to SETC2022 before sending us your inquiry email because registration number (1***) is needed for the issuance of the invoice.

 Please inform us if any of the following information are necessary to be included in the invoice. (For example, affiliation’s full name, affiliation’s full address, tax number/Tax ID, VAT number, etc.)

Issuance of Receipt

After the payment is completed, registrants will be able to download the receipt on “My page” of the registration system from October 31 to November 30.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests for registration, optional tour, banquet and etc. should be submitted via email to SETC2022 Registration Desk with your name and registration number (1***).

The date and time of the change and cancellation will be based on the working hours (Mon - Fri 10:00-17:00 [JST = UTC+9] except national holidays).

(Kindly note that Registration Desk will be closed on Aug. 11, Sep. 19, Sep. 23 and Oct. 10 due to the National Holidays in Japan.)

After working hours, cancellation will be made on the next working day, which may incur charges.

* Cancellation Policy for Registration

By Friday, September 16 at 17:00 Monday, September 26 at 10:00 [JST = UTC+9] 90% of the registration fee less handling charges to be refunded.
By Friday, October 14 at 17:00 [JST = UTC+9] 50% of the registration fee less handling charges to be refunded.
After Friday, October 14 at 17:00 [JST = UTC+9] No refund.

* Cancellation Policy for Lunch

Refund will be provided upon request by October 14 at 17:00 [JST = UTC+9].

* Cancellation Policy for Banquet

Refund will be provided upon request by October 14 at 17:00 [JST = UTC+9].

* Cancellation Policy for Optional Tour

11 days before the tour date No charge
10 to 8 days before the tour date 20% charge of tour price
7 to 2 days before the tour date 30% charge of tour price
1 day before the tour date 40% charge of tour price
On the tour date (before departure) 50% charge of tour price
On the tour date (after departure) 100% charge of tour price
Cancellation without notice (No-show) 100% charge of tour price


 Refunds will be made during or after the conference upon deducting bank transfer fees, and/or credit card service charges, and the cancellation penalties.
Due to the system setting, only full-amount refund is available. If any partial refund should be made for change / cancellation, the registration desk will firstly make a full-amount of refund to the registered credit card and charge the amount after deducting change or cancellation penalty.

 If payment was made by credit card, refund will be made to the same credit card.

 If the payment was made by bank transfer, please inform us of your bank account by email.


Advanced Online Registration: 17:00, Sep. 16 (Fri), 2022 10:00, Sep. 26 (Mon), 2022 EXTENDED [JST = UTC+9]
Online Registration: 17:00 on Oct. 14 (Fri), 2022 [JST = UTC+9]