Compound Semiconductor Week 2019

May 19-23, 2019, Kasugano International Forum, Nara, Japan


  • CSW2019 has selected KNT-CT Global Travel CO., LTD. (KNT) as an agency who handles registration for the conference.
  • KNT will support your travel including reservation for rooms of hotels in the venue area if you request.
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Registration Fee
“Registration Fee” includes, Admission to the Special Lecture, Admission to the Plenary Session, Admission to all technical sessions, USB for 2-page abstracts, All social events except banquet and excursion, A lunch box on May 20 & 21 and Consumption tax.
Lunch Box May 20
May 21
Fee of lunch box is included in registration fee.

Banquet (May 22nd)

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Excursion (May 22nd)

Applicant Half Day Excursion
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Hotel Accommodation (Accommodation is optional.)

Hotel Name Room Type Occupancy May 18 May 19 May 20 May 21 May 22 May 23
Nara Hotel Twin/Double Single JPY40,068 JPY37,152 JPY37,152 JPY37,152 JPY37,152 JPY37,152
Twin/Double Double JPY43,632 JPY37,800 JPY37,800 JPY37,800 JPY37,800 JPY37,800
Hotel Fujita Nara SingleSingle JPY12,852 JPY11,232 JPY11,232 JPY11,232 JPY11,232 JPY11,232
Twin Single JPY19,224 JPY15,984 JPY15,984 JPY15,984 JPY15,984 JPY15,984
Twin Double JPY22,464 JPY19,224 JPY19,224 JPY19,224 JPY19,224 JPY19,224
Hotel Nikko Nara Single Single JPY12,960 JPY11,880 JPY11,880 JPY11,880 JPY11,880 JPY11,880
Twin Single JPY17,820 JPY16,740 JPY16,740 JPY16,740 JPY16,740 JPY16,740
Twin Double JPY22,680 JPY20,520 JPY20,520 JPY20,520 JPY20,520 JPY20,520
Piazza Hotel Nara Double Single JPY13,000 JPY10,000 JPY10,000 JPY10,000 JPY10,000 JPY10,000
Hotel Asyl Nara Single Single JPY10,260 JPY8,100 JPY8,100 JPY8,100 JPY8,100 JPY8,100
Twin Single JPY13,500 JPY11,340 JPY11,340 JPY11,340 JPY11,340 JPY11,340
Twin Double JPY18,360 JPY14,040 JPY14,040 JPY14,040 JPY14,040 JPY14,040
Comfort Hotel Nara Single Single JPY7,000 JPY7,000 JPY7,000 JPY7,000 JPY7,000 JPY7,000
Nara Washington Hotel Plaza Single Single JPY8,600 JPY6,700 JPY6,700 JPY6,700 JPY6,700 JPY6,700
Twin Single JPY11,200 JPY8,600 JPY8,600 JPY8,600 JPY8,600 JPY8,600
Twin Double JPY12,400 JPY9,800 JPY9,800 JPY9,800 JPY9,800 JPY9,800
  • The application for accommodation reservation deadline has already passed (April 18, 17:00pm JST).
  • Please write an email to csw2019-regist@or.knt.co.jp if you need assistance for accommodation reservation.


Payment Method (1)
(VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, or JCB only.)
*Please use a credit card which is valid at least until June 2019.
*Drawer of this online payment transaction will be "Kinki Nippon Tourist Co / Kinkinituponturisuto
However, the company name might be slightly changed depending on the card company.
*Credit card transactions might be recorded on your credit card statement about 10 days later due to system matter.
Payment Method (2)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Suzuran Branch (Branch Code:760)
Account Number: 6103285 (Ordinary account)
Account Holder Name: KNT-CT Global Travel Co.,Ltd.

*Please put your “Registration Number” in the remitter’s name, when making your bank transfer.
*When making bank transfer collectively, please inform us by e-mail the name of the persons and the Registration Number included in the transfer.

三井住友銀行 すずらん支店
口座名義:株式会社KNT-CTグローバルトラベル カ)ケイエヌティーシィティグローバルトラベル
Addressee of the Receipt

Terms & Condition

Please read the following "Terms and Conditions" before making a registration and/or hotel reservation.

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    *You shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with the terms & conditions when you have made a reservation for the accommodation.
  • • KNT and commissioned companies shall use personal information entered in the application form to contact the applicant, and shall also use the information within the scope necessary for arranging and providing the applied services.
  • • For any residents of EEA countries, KNT processes personal information in accordance with the privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Manager: Tetsuya Omizo (Mr.)
Available: Mon - Fri 9:30-17:30 [JST] except national holidays (Jan.14, Feb. 11, Mar. 21 and Apr. 27 - May 6).
TEL: +81-3-6891-9600
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