ECR session speakers
Manual for Manuscript Submission

Follow the steps shown below, which are also guided in the submission site.
Paper Submission

The information for login ID and password to the above submission site is indicated in the e-mail entitled "Reminder for ICSJ2022 paper submission due and IEEE copyright form (xxxx)" sent to you on August 8.
If you are the author who have NOT received the e-mail, ask the program chair to resend the mail.

STEP1: Submit your manuscript (Deadline Sep. 11)

1) As described in the following site (https://www.ieee-csj.org/submission_ICSJ2022.html), Invited speakers are requested to write their manuscripts with a length of 2 pages.
MS-Word template for the ICSJ2022 proceeding (IEEE format compliant) is available. Click here to download the Microsoft Word template file.

2) After writing the manuscript, convert it to a PDF file, where all the fonts should be embedded. Then, the PDF file must be checked via the IEEE PDF eXpress site to be compliant to IEEE form. IEEE PDF eXpress site: (https://ieee-pdf-express.org/Account/Login)
The conference ID is "55786X".
Instructions on how to use this site can be found here.

3) In order to submit your uploaded file to the conference, please don't forget to click on the "Approve" button in the "Action" list on the IEEE PDF eXpress site.
The "Status" should change from "Pass" to "Approved".

** Important notice **
If you miss the deadline, your paper will NOT be published in the proceeding and listed in the IEEE PDF eXplorer.

STEP2: Update the Author information for Copyright Transfer (Deadline Sep. 11)

1) After submitting the manuscript via IEEE PDF eXpress, please update the paper information which are "the paper title" and "author(s) name(s)". This information will be used for the copyright transfer process.

2) Double check whether all the information is correct.

STEP3: Copyright Submission (Deadline Sep. 11)

After completing "STEP2," submit your copyright transfer form via eCF site.

STEP4: Update the Proceeding Submission Status (Deadline Sep. 11)

After completing "STEP1" to "STEP3," update the proceeding submission status.
If you are 35 years old or younger on the day of submission, check "Yes" to show that you are eligible to receive "Young Researcher Award."
(Note that the 1st author of oral session papers are eligible to receive the Young Researcher Award.)

STEP5: Upload the presentation video file

(ONLINE presenters only)
Presenters of on-demand presentation sessions are requested to submit a pre-recorded presentation video.

The format of the video file and instructions on how to submit it will be emailed to you by early September.
The submission deadline will be early October.

STEP6: Fill out the Biography

(Not required)

STEP7: Upload the presentation slide PDF file

(Not required)
ECR presenters are requested to bring their posters to the site. Please do not upload them from the web.
Authors guides for ECR session will be emailed in early October.

Issue date of the proceedings

The authors should be aware that the ussue date of the proceedings is November 7.
(The proceedings of ICSJ2022 will be ready for download from November 7 to November 13, 2022.)