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Input Sample
(1)Membership No.* 1234567
(2)Member Society* IEICE
(3)Speaker's Name* (Family)Smith  (given) John M.
(4)E-mail* tadenshi@denshi.ac.jp
(5-1)Gender Male Female (5-2)Nationality Japan
(5-3) Date of Birth 1980/1/1
(6-1)Student Technical College 
(6-2)Career Explorer I will. I will not.
(7)Organization* School (University, college)
Contact Address
(8)Office or Home* Office Home
(9-1)Address* 3-5-8, Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(9-2)Country* Japan
(9-3)Zipcode 105-0011
(10)Affiliation* Sekai University
(11)Dept.* Department of Electronic & Information, Faculty of Engineering
(12)phone* +81-3-1234-5678
(13)Fax +81-3-1234-5678
(14)Mailing name Taro Denshi
Abstract Information
(15)Paper Title*
Effect of Space Harmonics Wave -- Three Dimentional Analysis
Instruction for input abstract
Title of abstract
Please input abstract title in small letters other than the first character of each word except for prepositions and conjunctions. If you have sub paper title, please continue to input after paper title with colon(:) or semi-colon(;).
ex) Effect of Space Harmonics Wave - Three Dimentional Analysis
Usage of HTML codes to express specific characters
1) superscript: <sup>objective word</sup>
2) subscript: <sub>objective word</sub>
3) italic: <i>objective word</i>

* The codes for both bold style and underline cannot be used. Superscript, subscript and italic codes are available.
* If other specific characters such as <, >, ", &, please input as follows:< : &lt;
1) <: &lt;
2) >: &gt;
3) ": &quot;
4) &: &amp;
For other specific characters, please refer to the manuals of HTML versions 3.0 and more.

(16)Member & Presentation type* General member : General presentation
(17)Topic* A-1
(18)Keyword* * Please input within 6 keywords.
1 data
(19)Research Organization School (University, college) only 
Check Speaker
@or @@to the
presenting author.
Family Name
ex) Smith
Given Name
ex) John
Aff. No.
@ @@
Smith John M. 1
    Denshi Taro 1
(21)Affiliation Use abbreviations in the affiliation columns below. (Click here for referring Abbreviation lists.(Japanese only)
1* Sekai Univ.
(22)Summary* (should not exceed 100 words)
* Please refer to Instruction for title of abstract for codes above to express specific characters.
(23)Request on invoice Name of affiliations (University, College, Organization, etc.)
(24)Request on invoice item
* Please fill the above if the item need to be changed other than specified by the society.
(25)Invoice Issue Date* Others
(25-1)To designate the date of an invoice 7 Month 29 Day
(26)Payer's Name* Taro Denshi, Department of Engineering, xx University 03-1234-5678