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Handling of Personal Information

■Purposes of Use of the Personal Information

Toyo Agency, Inc. (hereinafter Toyo Agency) will handle and use only for smooth operations of sending deliverables, corresponding to inquiries, informing meeting contents, etc. of the scientific meeting. Prior approval of the outsourcer, Architectural Institute of Japan, must be obtained.

Management of the Personal Information
Toyo Agency will assign a management representative of the personal information and make the role clear and maintain environment to perform activities appropriately.

Provision of the Personal Information
Toyo Agency will not provide personal data to a third party except in cases described below.
- An applicant gives his/her consent
- Provision of personal data is based on laws
- Entrusting services to a subcontractor
Toyo Agency may entrust the handling of personal information, within the scope required to achieve the purpose of use, to a third party in accordance with "Consignment of Personal Information" below.

Consignment of Personal Information
Toyo Agency may entrust a part of services outside to offer good services. When a third party is consigned to deal with the Personal Information, we shall take such necessary measures as executing a confidentiality agreement to manage the Personal Information properly.

Disclosure, Correction and Delete, etc. of Personal Information
Toyo Agency will respond reasonably to the requests of "Disclosure," "Correction," "Delete, etc." of retained personal data by an applicant. However, Toyo Agency will reject in cases that it might harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the person or a third party, or it might harm the preparatory services for the meeting.
We will give an appropriate response based on the laws and ordinances concerned.

■Link with the Other Website

Toyo Agency will not assume no responsibility for the handling and management of the personal information of the website linked to this site. We will recommend you to confirm "Privacy Policy" of each website.

■Revision of the Privacy Policy

Toyo Agency will announce revision in this page when we revise the privacy policy of this site.


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